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The SailboatOwners.com Chandlery has thousands of marine parts, including many accessories designed specifically for Macgregor sailboats. We've been here since since 1996 and our products have been tested by time. We know you'll like them!

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Bottomsiders cockpit cushions for your Macgregor
BottomSiders provide the comfort you want with minimal maintenance. Just hose them down to clean. They're completely waterproof! BottomSiders are made using a one piece manufacturing process which coats closed cell foam with several layers of marine grade vinyl. They are UV resistant, flexible, durable, and they float, too.
Fabric cockpit cushions for Macgregor
Excellent cushions for hot climates! Sunsure is a tough, woven skin that covers the closed-cell foam inside the cushions. They dry quickly, won't absorb water, and last a long time. Available in a variety of colors.
Which CDI furler fits my Macgregor?
The CDI furler has enjoyed rave reviews from owners of boats of all sizes. It's specifically designed for those who use their boats for cruising, casual racing, or day sailing. One of the most popular furlers made today, the CDI line is easy to maintain and install.
Boomkicker is a simple, affordable solution to supporting the boom and eliminating the chafe, hang-ups and adjustments of a topping lift.
Custom mainsail covers... any color... made to fit your Macgregor
Custom sail covers at off-the-shelf prices! Don't confuse this built-to-order, top quality sail cover with the skimpy "fits all" covers you see on store shelves. They're reinforced at all cutouts to prevent chafe from your topping lift, or Dutchman and Lazy Jack flaking systems. And because we have tried and true patterns on hand, there's NO MEASURING (cutouts for flaking systems like Dutchman and Lazy Jacks do require mesasurements).
Boats 24' and larger: Sails by Doyle Sailmakers (measuring required for main sails and head sails, no measuring needed for spinnakers)
For boats 24' and larger we offer premium, US-made sails by Doyle. SailboatOwners.com offers instant, online estimating for most sails, special SailboatOwners.com pricing, and $6 shipping anywhere in the continental US.
Get running rigging for your Macgregor
Don't know what you need? Let our estimator tell you. Our rigging is made by Samson Ropes, one of the oldest and most respected names in marine cordage. With your budget in mind, we offer Samson products appropriate for cruising sailors: durable, easy-to-handle lines of moderate weight and elasticity. Most lines are available in a choice of colors, with or without whipped ends and/or shackles spliced on.
Maximum Macgregor performance
The true NACA airfoil section of these replacement rudders improves speed and handling of your boat under both sail and power. You will experience crisper tacking, higher pointing and better speed off the wind through increased lift and reduced drag. Tiller steered boats will also discover reduced helm effort through the rudder's improved balance.
Your tiller is the centerpiece of your cockpit... both functionally and aesthetically. Hence, these tillers are made of 8 laminated layers of mahogany and white ash... providing a beautiful rich look plus incredible strength.

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