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Halyard Retriever/Grappling Hook

Wait, don't go up the mast!

Have you ever watched in dread while your halyard slipped up the mast? That sinking feeling of either having to unstep the mast (if that's even an option) or be hoisted up in a bosun chair to retrieve the halyard.

Well, things just got a lot easier. From the maker of the Power Thruster comes a new Halyard Retriever/Grappling Hook.

Tie a guide line to the loop at the end of the hook and attach a spare halyard to the loop at the center of the hook. Raise the hook to the top of the mast and use the guide line to manipulate it to snag the lost halyard and pull it down.

The item also works great as a grappling hook to retrieve items lost overboard. Simply tie a line to the loop at the end of the hook and throw it in the vicinity of the item you are trying to retrieve. It may take a few tries, but has worked to bring up dropped keys, fishing gear even clothing and towels.

Made of stainless steel and reasonably priced, this is must-have tool on any sailboat.

Measures 6-1/2 inches long

Leaves warehouse: 1 business days

Shipping time: see chart

Made to order: No

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Stainless Hook   982309 $36.95 US

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