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Series 317 A2 Fuel Hose

Gray w/Black Letters - 5/8"

Trident Barrier Lined B1-15 Low Perm Fuel Line Hose for both gasoline (including ethanol blends up to E85) and diesel (including bio diesel blends up to 100%). The #305 series exceeds ABYC H-24, SAE J1527, ISO 8469 B1, USCG Type B1-15; EPA Certified and CARB Executive Order for low permeation Type B1-15; and is NMMA Type Accepted & CE certified.
This hose is built with the best fuel and age resistant formulations and a unique 'Barrier Liner' on inside surface of the tube, so fuel is not in direct contact with rubber. This greatly reduces fuel permeation and prevents ethanol degradation of the rubber tube, which can cause small pieces of rubber to reach and damage the engine. That is particularly important considering the prospect of higher ethanol blends (E-15) available at gas stations next year. Provides extraordinary resistance to fuel permeation, aging, heat, cold, and ozone. It also provides excellent rope like bend-ability and fitting retention.
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