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The Tuff Luff feeder is a precision engineered, marine 316 stainless steel version of the in-line, double groove extrusion. Its slightly larger grooves fit exactly over the flexible extrusion luff grooves to insure an easy start for the sail into the headstay system. The precise, overlapping fit is important because it leaves no gaps between the feeder and the extrusion which could catch or jam the sails. The prefeeder, composed of oversized silicon bronze rollers, smooth out the sail on its way to the feeder, assuring a perfect set and eliminating the need for crew to hand-feed the sail.
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Feeder, Feeder for 1706
SKU 56674

Mfg p/n 1706-02
Type: Feeder for 1706
Out of Stock$150.35
Feeder, Feeder for 1205
SKU 91680

Mfg p/n 1205-02
Type: Feeder for 1205
2 in stock$149.13
Feeder, Feeder for 2206
SKU 91681

Mfg p/n 2206-02
Type: Feeder for 2206
Out of Stock$150.35

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