Measuring form

Custom Bimini

Please complete and submit this form so we may begin production of your Custom Bimini.

Owners sometimes wonder why we need measurements. Aren't they the same for all boats of the same model? Actually, no.

Manufacturers often change gear mid-production run due to shortages, excess inventory on hand or simply a better deal from another supplier. Molds wear out and are changed, with slight differences in dimensions. Or, the dealer or a prior owner made modifications to the boat.

And with a purchase as important as this, we simply can't rely on patterns from other boats. When you complete and submit this form you ensure that your Custom Bimini will fit your boat perfectly.

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Bimini size and location is governed by the placement of your boom, mainsheet, backstay, winches, and sheets on coamings.

Important! Please measure with your main sail hoisted and sheeted in.

Mount type On top of coaming (flat mount)
On outside of coaming (side mount)


Height, from mounting position to desired height (must be at least 3" below boom) inches


Length: UNOBSTRUCTED distance at the desired height of your bimini inches


Width, between mounts on coaming or rails inches


If bimini is to extend aft of the backstay(s), enter the distance between the aft edge of bimini and backstay(s), measured at the desired height of the bimini inches


If you have a single backstay AND it is off-center: How many inches is it to port or starboard of center, measured at the desired height of the bimini? Off center to Port
Off center to Starboard



OPTIONAL: only required for split backstays. Distance between backstays, measured at the desired height of the bimini inches
Placement of mounting brackets. Determine where you would like the bimini frame to mount to the top of the coaming or the side of the coaming. The selected location should be clear of winches, cleats, and other obstruction. Use the fields below to inidicate where the mounting hardware should be placed.

Note: Measurements F or G cannot be greater than 2/3 of measurement B (B x .67).


Distance from FORWARD edge of bimini to the mounting location inches


Distance from AFT edge of bimini to the mounting location inches