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Products by Imtra Corp

1" Livewell LED Light - Red
12/24V 8W Fluorescent Tube - 5/8" x 12"
12V 40W Medium Screw Base Halogen Bulb
14" Brass Ocean Task Light
14" Stainless Steel Ocean Task Light
2-7/8" Hatteras PowerLED Recessed SS Flood Light
2-7/8" Hatteras PowerLED Surface Mount SS Flood Light
3-3/16" Ventura PowerLED Recessed Spot Light - Warm or Cool
3-5/8" Sigma Small PowerLED Recessed Down Light - Warm White
3000 Series Rectangular Hatches
4-3/8" Sigma Large PowerLED Recessed Down Light - Warm White
4-Way Rope Light Connector
9" F4 TouchLED Chart Light
Anchor Chain Markers
Anchor Swivels
F-17 LED Aluminum Utility Light, 10-30V DC
G4 2-Pin Back-Mount Flat LED Bulb - Directional/Flood
G4 2-Pin Side-Mount Flat LED Bulb - Directional/Flood
Gibraltar PowerLED Dome Light with Switch
LED BA15d Double Contact Bayonet Bulbs - Directional/Spot
LED BA15s Single Contact Bayonet Bulbs - Directional
LED Cluster Courtesy Light
LED Festoon Bulb - Directional, 42 mm
LED Tower Double Contact Bayonet Bulb - Omni-Directional
Linx LED MR16 Replacement Bulb - 20 Watt Equivalent
Manual Oil Change Pump - WS-280
MDL Series 3/8 in LED Rope Lighting
Mini G4 LED Replacement Side Pin Bulb - Red
Nav Bulb - LED Indexed Double Contact Bayonet
Power Cord for 3/8" 12V AC LED Rope Light
Power Cord for 3/8" Rope Light - 6 Ft
PWM 30 Dimmer Module for All PowerLED Spot Lights
Recessed LED light, 2-/7/8 in.
Rope Lighting Components, Clear Mount
Rope Lighting Components, Clear Shrink Tube
Rope Lighting Components, Conduit Clip
Rope Lighting Components, End Cap
Rope Lighting Components, Invisible Splice
Rope Lighting Components, Mounting Clip
Rope Lighting Components, Splice Connector
Rope Lighting Components, T-Connector
Windshield Wiper Washing Jet - Type 1 Arms
Windshield Wiper Washing Jet - Type 2 and Type 3 Arms
X-Beam Dual Color LED Replacement G4 Bulb - Side Pin