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J/E & OMC Aluminum Anodes

Replacement Anodes for J/E & OMC

Perhaps the most versatile anode material, the specially formulated aluminum alloy used in these anodes is an ideal choice as it not only works better than zinc anodes in saltwater, it also protects your boat, outboards, and stern drive units in brackish water. If your boat is used in both salt and tidewater environments for extended periods, aluminum is the best all around choice.
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Mfg P/N
Specs Status Price Quantity
J/E & OMC Aluminum Anodes, 123009, 123029
SKU 176304

Mfg p/n 18-6017A
Type: 123009, 123029
Use With: OMC
Out of Stock$18.49
J/E & OMC Aluminum Anodes, 436745, 393023
SKU 176305

Mfg p/n 18-6024A
Type: 436745, 393023
Use With: OMC
2 in stock$16.61
Sierra 18-6028A ANODE OMC 984513 ALUMINUM
SKU 176307

Mfg p/n 18-6028A
Type: 984513
Use With: OMC
Out of Stock$32.76
Sierra 18-6095A ANODE OMC 431708 ALUMINUM
SKU 176317

Mfg p/n 18-6095A
Type: 431708
Use With: OMC
1 in stock$22.57
Sierra 18-6103A ANODE (ZINC) OMC 984547 ALUMINUM
SKU 176320

Mfg p/n 18-6103A
Type: 984547
Use With: OMC
Out of Stock$30.92

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