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Exploring Puget Sound & British Columbia

Histroical Atlas

Long out of print, this much sought reference atlas od nautical charts filled with historical notes and anecdotes has been reissued. Covers the region around Puget Sound and the inland waterways of Vancouver Island - from Olympia to Queen Charlotte Sound. It offers extensive insight to the places and the people who played a significant role in the region's history. Contains 107 pages of charts, 63 color aerial photos and an index listing over 3,000 locations. A must for every boater interested in the colorful Northwest maritime past.
Stephen Hilson, 2003, PB, 123pp.
16" x 12"
Spiral bound
Note: these charts are for reference only; for up-to-date navigation information, refer to a current government issued nautical chart
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Exploring Puget Sound & British Columbia
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Author: Stephen Hilson
Title: Exploring Puget Sound & British Columbia
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