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Companionway Doors Teak Custom made for any boat model

Beautiful Teak Companionway Doors - Custom for any make of boat

Do you get tired of lifting hatchboards in and out of your boat Ever dropped one on your foot or down the companionway and ding the floor boards Companionway doors offer hassle free, easy access to the cabin. Plus, the grey-bronze tinted windows allow light below which can make the interior feel larger without sacrificing privacy.

Made from solid 3/4 or 7/8 inch teak, these doors are elegant and extremely well crafted. The craftsman has been making these doors for 18 years - you simply won't find better quality anywhere.

The doors are mounted with half-hinges allowing them to be easily removed and stored as needed. And, the hinges and screws are hidden for added security.

They come standard with the tinted windows, padlock hasp and an install kit. If you would like screens in addition to the windows - you will need to select that option. The screens will be built into the door - no inserts to change out. Or, you can have a solid teak panel and no window.

There are a few locking options which you can purchase, or you can use the hasp and lock from your existing hatchboards.

The Door Button is used when you want to be able to secure the doors from the inside (this is not for locking the outside of the boat). Select the locking Locking Hasp for locking the door on the outside with a key. Or, use the Padlock Hasp which comes standard with the doors. Finally, there is a Cam Lock (not pictured) which is a keyed lock that is built into the doors.

Measuring for your doors:
Each set of doors will be custom made to measurements you provide. After ordering, we'll send you a link to provide us with the make, model and year of your boat, plus a place to upload images of your companionway. We'll analyze the images and send you clear, illustrated measuring instructions based on the configuration of your companionway. If your companionway way has an arched top or any complicated radiuses - a template will be required. Again, we'll send you simple instructions on how to make the template.

Teak fascia Kit:
If you companionway has aluminum track for the hatchboard or stainless steel fascias for the hatchboards, you will also need to order the Teak Fascia Kit.

All doors come with complete with installation tools and instructions.

No doubt these doors are an investment, but you won't be disappointed. You will love how easy they make coming and going and how they enhance the appearance of your boat. And, when it comes time to sell...they will add to the value.

Leaves warehouse: 21 business days

Shipping time: see chart

Made to order: Yes

Item Item No. Status Price Quantity
Classic Companionway Doors with tinted windows. 801684Available$1,225.00
Option: Solid Teak Insert 801690Available$295.00
Option: Screens with Windows 801685Available$275.00
Teak Fascia Kit 826341Available$65.00
Door Button (allows you to lock the doors from the inside) 801687Available$35.00
Cam Lock - Owner Install (with 2 keys) 801688Available$35.00
Keyed Hasp (Stainless Steel) 801686Available$25.00

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