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Wireless Cell Phone Charger

The world's first 12-24V waterproof wireless charger range.

The IPX6 waterproof 12-24V Qi certified waterproof wireless charging range enables Fast Charge Technology for the outdoor environment, without the need for phone charging cables. Designed from the ground up, this charging system was created specifically for use on board.

The unique technology is housed in an IPX6, fully encapsulated and sealed unit.

Working directly with 12-24V systems, this charger is ideal for life on the move and is perfect for sail and power boats. Easy install, anywhere you need your phone - indoors or out. No more wires!

There are 3 versions available:

Surface Mount - designed to fit to any smooth surface, indoors or out.
• 1. Low-profile, flush-mounted charge pad
• 2. Ultra grippy, non-slip surface
• 3. Designed to fit to any smooth surface
• 4. Contemporary look with two-tone color

Bezel Mount - easiest to install, drill a 10mm cable access hole and fit to your chosen location
• 1. The easiest to install
• 2. Ultra grippy, non-slip surface
• 3. Contemporary look with two-tone color

Hidden Mount - can be installed under tables, cabinets, consoles or worktops
• 1. Sub-surface, hidden from view
• 2. Pocket or bond install
• 3. Ideal for GRP or wood

Can be used with the following models of cellular phones:
Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5/S6/edge/S7/S8/S8+/Note8
Apple iPhone 8,iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X
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