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Spray Gun - Complete

Just Fill, Attach and Spray

The improved Preval Portable Sprayer for home, shop, hobby can spray just about everything.
This handy tool can spray all kinds of liquid solutions paint, lacquer, solvents, stains, oil, cleaners, insecticide, fertilizer, disinfectants, even clear water.
Preval is a big time saver for small paint jobs.
Forget trying to match color swatches on the pre-filled spray cans in stores, you can use your own paint, or stain, and get perfect color matching every time.
Completely assembled just fill and spray any liquid at the touch of a button.
The Preval Spray Gun consists of a Power Unit assembled to a Product Container.
The Power Unit sprays up to 16 ounces of any liquid (depending on viscosity).
Extra Power Units are available complete with new spray button, dip tube and strainer.
Extra Product Containers are also available with convenient screw-on caps for storage of liquids.
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Spray Gun Complete
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