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Furling Systems for Racing

For Boats 19 - 54 Feet

A new design for the coastal racer/cruiser, the Profurl Racing Series of furlers has all the features of the Cruising Series with these additions: more aerodynamic elliptical, black anodized foil. Unique, opening pre-feeder- no need to remove the headsail when re-hoisting; quick release snap shackles on the head and tack swivels for faster sail changes. The result is increased sail efficiency and faster sail changes.
Designed to install over virtually every type of forestay terminal; no need to purchase a new forestay
Racing Furlers come standard with a turnbuckle cylinder and short link plates
Carbon steel ball bearing swivel and drum mechanism is sealed in a grease bath; requires no maintenance
Includes ProFurl wrap stop, a positive stop that totally eliminates any chance of halyard wrapping around the forestay
Removable drum is manufactured from unbreakable, unscratchable, UV resistant high impact plastic. It is open for easy furling line inspection. Its slippery surface and conical flanges also minimizes any jamming. The strong stainless steel guard arms keep the furling line in the drum should the line become slack during sail reefing
Double luff groove construction for #6 luff tapes
Options include additional lengths of extrusion and long link plates for raising the drum above deck obstructions such as windlasses
10-year worldwide warranty
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Mfg P/N
Specs Status Price Quantity
Furling Systems for Racing, 1/4 in.
SKU 172886

Mfg p/n R250
Boat Length: 19' - 30'
Max. Forestay: 1/4"
Max. S/A: 330 ft²
Pin Dia.: 25/64" - 15/32"
Std. Length: 26' 2"
Out of Stock$2,232.07
Furling Systems for Racing, 5/16 in.
SKU 172887

Mfg p/n R350
Boat Length: 31' - 41'
Max. Forestay: 5/16"
Max. S/A: 400 ft²
Pin Dia.: 25/64" - 15/32"
Std. Length: 39' 4"
Out of Stock$3,757.13
Furling Systems for Racing, 3/8 in.
SKU 172888

Mfg p/n R420
Boat Length: 37' - 47'
Max. Forestay: 3/8"
Max. S/A: 500 ft²
Pin Dia.: 5/8"
Std. Length: 45' 11"
Out of Stock$4,737.55
Furling Systems for Racing, Rod -30
SKU 172889

Mfg p/n R430
Boat Length: 43' - 54'
Max. Forestay: Rod -30
Max. S/A: 600 ft²
Pin Dia.: 5/8"
Std. Length: 52' 5"
Out of Stock$6,099.23

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