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K.O. Kills Odor

Eliminates Holding Tank Odors at Their Source

K.O. works when nothing else will. It is a safe, non-hazardous and non-polluting product which utilizes live odor-eating bacteria to digest the materials causing the odors.
A small amount of K.O. can easily keep a boat odor-free between pumpouts
Does not require adding "tissue-digesters" or other boosters to be effective
Digests liquids, solids, and paper
Requires well-vented holding tank to supply enough oxygen sustain the bacteria
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K.O. Kills Odor, 22 oz.
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Size: 22 oz.
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K.O. Kills Odor, 1 gallon
SKU 148122

Mfg p/n 1PK0GAL
Size: 1 gallon
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