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HEET Gas Line Antifreeze

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Removes Water - Prevents Gas-Line Freeze Up

HEET removes water from the fuel system to prevent gas-line freeze-up.
HEET contains special additives and methanol.
When added to the gas tank, it sinks to the bottom and mixes with any water present.
HEET absorbs the water and keeps it from freezing and blocking the flow of gas through the gas line and fuel pump.
When the vehicle is started, the additives, methanol, and water are consumed during combustion inside the engine.
Keep some in your car for winter emergencies.

#1 selling brand of gas-line antifreeze and water remover
Safe for use year-round in all 4-cycle gasoline engines, including fuel injected engines
Prevents gas-line freeze-up
Removes water from fuel system
Prevents rust and corrosion
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