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Fuel Polishing Module - for Mobile Diesel Applications

Prevents Fuel Contamination by Removing Water From Diesel Fuel

FPM-050 removes emulsified water from the fuel system, preventing common fuel issues and maximizing the effectiveness of current filters.
Keeps fuel dry, promoting a bacteria-free environment and preventing contaminant build-up
Reduces the need for expensive fuel treatments and additives
Uses patent-pending, solid state pump technology, consuming only 150 mA, minimizing battery drain and enabling continuous fuel maintenance
Can be run from a small solar panel
Provides fuel maintenance during engine down time and off-season storage
Easy to install and operate; incorporates automatic, full-flow bypass valve, eliminating the need for manual switching
Low power preventative maintenance as it consumes only 150mA at 12V DC, less than 2W of powerAs a result of daily solar heating and cooling, and/or engine cyclng, moist air is drawn into your diesel fuel tank, where it cools during the night and the water vapor condenses into liquid water which may dissolve in the fuel or settle to the bottom of the tank.As diesel fuel warms through engine use or the daily heat of the sun, its natural capacity to absorb water increases, dissolving and dispersing a percentage of any water in the tank. When the fuel cools, this dissolved water desorbs into a bacteria harboring emulsified suspension. By flowing the fuel gently over many hours, the FPM maximizes your filters ability to separate this difficult to remove emulsion and filter out particles.
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Fuel Polishing Module for Mobile Applications
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