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Important note about production times

Due to a nationwide shortage of Sunbrella fabric some items may be delayed beyond the dates shown. In some cases, promised palettes of fabric have not arrived while unexpected palettes have, so we are unable to predict production lead times. However, orders are shipping daily. Your credit card will be authorized upon purchase but no money will change hands until the item ships. Thank you for your patience during this challenging time.

Cadet Gray and Captain Navy are unavailable until further notice.

Custom Mainsail Covers

Custom sail covers at off-the-shelf prices!

Do not confuse this built-to-order, top quality sail cover with the skimpy "fits all" covers you see on store shelves. We guarantee a perfect fit!

These Sunbrella covers are made to fit YOUR mainsail, mast, boom, and flaking system.

Quality components, great design

Each cover fastens around the mast with a heavy Nylon zipper, covered and secured by a substantial Velcro flap. They're reinforced at all cutouts to prevent chafe from your topping lift, or Dutchman and Lazy Jack systems. Quick-release clips or twist locks are the highest grade available.

Choices, choices

Choose from two fastening systems under the boom: our standard web fastening system with Nylon quick-release clips, or traditional stainless twist locks. You can also upgrade your cover with Tenara thread by the folks who make Gore-Tex. This thread will withstand sun, salt water, even bleach. It will outlast the fabric it's sewn to and secure your cover for years longer than standard polyester thread!

Upon ordering we will provide you with simple, illustrated measuring instructions

Mainsail covers have to fit your sail as well as your boom and mast. Because the volume (and dimensions) of a flaked sail are dependent upon age and sail cloth, a few simple measurements are required to be sure your cover fits properly. The form will be sent to you upon receipt of your order.

Please note: Our covers are designed to cover the sail, not the full length of the boom. At this time our cover does not wrap-around the end of the boom.

A sturdy Nylon zipper and substantial Velcro flap secure the cover around the mast

The aft end of the cover ties to the topping lift or other boom-end hardware

Nylon quick-release clips are impervious to weather

Optional twist lock fasteners are high quality stainless

Shipping time: see chart

Made to order: Yes - Please read return policies