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Custom kick-up rudders

If you need to replace your transom-hung kick-up rudder, with a few simple measurements from you, we can make one to fit your boat.

These kick-up rudders are manufactured using state-of-the-art materials and technologies for optimum performance and durability.

Machined from a solid blank of high density polyethylene (HDPE), the blades will not absorb water, split or swell with age. And, HDPE is more resistant to abrasion and damage than the original fiberglass rudders.

Each blade is precision designed and cut to achieve a true NACA airfoil shape. You will experience crisper tacking, higher pointing and better speed off the wind through increased lift and reduced drag. Tiller steered boats will also discover reduced helm effort through the improved rudder's balance.

The stainless steel rudder heads are carefully constructed using CNC Laser cut components. Laser cutting accuracy and Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding yields strong, clean assemblies for absolute dependability in heavy weather conditions.

In addition, each rudder head is electropolished to rigid semiconductor industry standard for the ultimate in corrosion resistance. Unmatched in the industry, the rudder head's torsional rigidity delivers unprecedented feedback and control to the helms person.

A single control line both raises and lowers the rudder blade. Simply pull to raise the rudder to it's stowed position, another pull quickly deploys the rudder. The blade can be raised slightly, then cleated in that position for use in shallow water conditions, should that be desired.

The Kick-Up rudder design includes a 316 stainless steel nitrogen charged gas strut (patent-pending) which keeps the rudder blade in the ideal position for top performance. These rudders shrug off obstacles and groundings, returning to position automatically, predictably, every time.

The rudders can be raised 180 degrees for easy and safe trailering and mooring. For launching and beaching, the gas strut keeps the blade safely raised until steering is required. Then a quick tug of the control line lowers the rudder for instant service.

The rudders arrive ready to use, just drop-in and go sailing. Nothing more to purchase, they are complete with tiller and pintles, built to your boat's specifications.

The tillers made of 8 laminated layers of mahogany and white ash and are gorgeous. Only the best polyurethane glues are used in proprietary custom molds to produce these world-class beauties.

After purchase, you will receive simple, illustrated transom measuring instructions. With your measurements, we can fit the rudder to your boat. See what a recent customer had to say:

"I received the rudder earlier than expected. I installed it this past weekend and it was a perfect fit. Your measurement instructions seemed to work well."

Why wait? Enhance your sailing experience now with a new Kick-Up rudder.

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