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1-1/2 in. Inline Check Valve - Standard Internal Valve, Light Duty

1-1/2 in. Inline Check Valve - Standard Internal Valve, Light Duty image

Uses 1-1/2" Duck Bill

Use this 7" check valve with its internal 1-1/2" duckbill valve is appropriate for the majority of applications using 1-1/2" hose. In santiation system applications where clogging with foreign material or excessive toilet tissue is likely to be a problem -- such as on commercial, charter, or vessels with frequent guest users - you may want to consider SeaLand's #308300011 Check Valve with its larger 2" duckbill valve. See Related Products, below.

Typically, these valves are used in vacuum systems when multiple vacuum toilets are plumbed to one central vacuum pump. The check valves preserve the integrity of the individual vacuum tanks as the toilets are flushed.

A check valve can also be used to prevent water from flowing backward for servicing pumps, filters, and other applications. Note that the internal duckbill valves are (black) EPDM rubber which can be degraded if exposed to petroleum products. By special order, 1-1/2" duckbill nitrile valves (red) are available for these valves for use in applications where petroleum products are present. For light duty applications
Uses 1-1/2" duck bill joker valve
Can be disassembled to clean or replace joker valve
Fits 1-1/2" hose
Dimensions: 7"L x 3" Dia.
Leaves warehouse in 1 day
Made to order: No
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