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No Damp Chemical Dehumidifier - 36 Ounce

No Damp Chemical Dehumidifier - 36 Ounce image

Soaks Up Water in the Air

The calcium chloride in this product absorbs water out of the air. In the process, the pellets dissolve in the absorbed water, resulting in a non-toxic liquid solution in the bottom of the container, which can be disposed of down your drain. Consists of an outer container, an inner container to hold the pellets, and a perforated top which allows air to circulate among the water-absorbing pellets.
Dries air in an enclosed space to a level where mildew cannot grow and stops odors
Inner basket increases efficiency and life of absorbent
Container/dehumidifier holds 12 oz. of absorbent; treats 900 cu. ft.
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