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Super Absorbing System

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Eliminates musty odors caused by mold and mildew.

The calcium chloride in this product absorbs moisture out of the air. In the process, the pellets dissolve in the absorbed moisture, resulting in a non-toxic liquid solution in the bottom of the container, which can be disposed of down your drain. Designed with safety in mind, the lid locks firmly, preventing small children from opening it. It has a wide sturdy base and will not easily tip over. The lower chamber, which collects the water absorbed from the air, has a spill-proof design to prevent leakage if it tips over.
Works best in enclosed spaces
Economical - works when humidity is high, and slows down when it's low
Lasts up to 60 days depending on temperature and humidity conditions
Uses convenient, disposable refill packs
Environmentally safe
Will not reduce moisture to a level that could harm pets or houseplants
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