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Electric Air-Dryr 1000

Electric Air-Dryr 1000 image

The Mildew Fighter

Happy's Air-Dryr is designed to fight mold and mildew 24 hours a day. The unit has no fans, thermostats, switches, or moving parts - nothing to fail or to cause a spark. Safe for use even in the engine compartment of a boat. The Air-Dryr warms the air in an enclosed space, thus increasing its dew point, so it can hold more moisture. The Air-Dryr is intended for 24 hour operation.

Helps prevent mold, mildew and corrosion; safe to the touch
Constant ON. . . low operating cost (no more than a burning light bulb)
Ideal for boat, RV, home, office, factory and any area with moisture build-up
Trouble free - no switch, fan or thermostat to break down
Thermal cut-off prevents overheating should the air vents become blocked
110/120 volts; UL listed
Made to order: No
Est. Delivery: see chart
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