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Nav Bulb Polar Star 20 Single Contact Bayonet LED

Nav Bulb Polar Star 20 Single Contact Bayonet LED image

Replaces Aqua Signal Series 20 Nav Light Bulbs and Series 25 Deck Light Bulbs

Finally, a true one-to-one LED replacement bulb for incandescent masthead, stern, and white all-round navigation lights using 9 mm miniature bayonet bulbs.
This single contact bayonet LED bulb is specially designed as a direct replacement for many navigation and deck lights.
It works with clear lensed Aqua Signal series 20 nav lights, and can also be used in cabin fixtures that use miniature SC bayonet bulbs.

This high-quality high-power LED bulb is the perfect way to reduce energy consumption on your boat with a current draw of only about 0.1A.
Its incredible reliability means an end to climbing up the mast to replace navigation light bulbs.

12V DC, 2 nautical mile, 9 mm base, single contact bayonet
Replaces 9mm miniature bayonet bulbs
Warm white color
Zero radio frequency (RF) emission, surface-mount-device design
Internal circuitry provides constant current draw regardless of voltage fluctuations from the source (10 to 18 VDC), for no flickering and longer LED life.
Long service life, shockproof, and ultra-rugged with no filament to burn out or break
Very low power consumption (approximately 1 W)
Lead and mercury free, no UV output
Replaces bulb trade numbers 53, 57, 181, 1416 & 1816
Replaces Ancor bulbs numbered 20053, 520057, 521126, 521416, 529337 & 529355
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