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Pressure Storage/Accumulator Tanks

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A Must for Today's High Performance Water Pressure Systems

Accumulator tanks help maintain constant water pressure at the faucet. High pressure air, contained by a rubber bladder in the middle of the tank, continues to maintain water pressure in the line, even when the pump isn't running. The result is smooth delivery of pressurized water, more even temperature mix in showers, and reduced pump cycling - prevents pump from cycling on just to fill a glass of water.
Choose the largest size PST tank which will fit into the available space; larger tanks reduce pump cycling and will prolong motor and pressure switch life. For maximum efficiency and water delivery, the accumulator tank pressure charge should be the same as the pump switch turn-on setting, typically 20 psi.
Size the tank by the output and pressure rating of the pump; household output pumps - like the Paragon Jr. and Sr. - will require a PST-4 or -5 tank
For fresh or salt water use. Non-corrosive components are used for all wetted parts
PST tanks may be mounted in any position (including upside-down), and anywhere in the boat's cold water plumbing after the pump
Stainless steel straps and mounting hardware are included for the PST-1 and -2; larger tanks have a mounting base
Several small PST tanks may be installed in series if you don't have enough room for a single large PST tank
Drawdown is the amount of water the tank will hold, and is about half the volume of the tank itself
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Pressure Storage/Accumulator Tanks, 6.3 GA DRAWDOWN ACCUMULATOR TANK SKU 06795
Mfg p/n PST-5
Out of Stock $674.41
Pressure Storage/Accumulator Tanks, 4.4 GA DRAWDOWN ACCUMULATOR TANK SKU 06794
Mfg p/n PST-4
Out of Stock $582.18
Pressure Storage/Accumulator Tanks, 3 GA DRAWDOWN ACCUMULATOR TANK SKU 06793
Mfg p/n PST-3A
1 in stock $488.42
Pressure Storage/Accumulator Tanks, 1.4GA DRAWDOWN ACCUMULATOR TANK SKU 06792
Mfg p/n PST-2
1 in stock $207.17
Pressure Storage/Accumulator Tanks, .5 GA DRAWDOWN ACCUM TANK SKU 06791
Mfg p/n PST-1
2 in stock $147.43