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AnchorLift Anchor Retrieving System

AnchorLift Anchor Retrieving System image
AnchorLift Anchor Retrieving System image

Uses the Forward Movement of Your Boat to Raise the Anchor

The AnchorLift Anchor Retrieving System uses the flotation of a buoy and the forward movement of the boat to raise the anchor, allowing you to raise your anchor with ease. Works on rope rodes using little, or no, chain.

Simply thread the AnchorLift onto the anchor line and power forward. The buoy, with the attached AnchorLift, provides resistance and the anchor rode is pulled through the AnchorLift, raising it to the surface. Then pull the buoy to your boat to retrieve the anchor.

The AnchorLift is rigged to the anchor line at all times
Oversized to work with commonly used anchor rode diameters
More effective on anchor lines rigged with 10 feet, or less, of chain
Most commonly used in deepwater rivers such as the Columbia River
Will float anchors up to 80 pounds
Stainless steel reinforced nylon body
Attached buoy acts as marker for quick anchor release
Works effectively with crab and shrimp pots
Lifetime warranty
Made to order: No
Est. Delivery: see chart
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AnchorLift Anchor Retrieving System, Lift with 13 in. Buoy6 business days SKU 131132
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AnchorLift Anchor Retrieving System, Lift Only - Requires Buoy for Flotation6 business days SKU 131129
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