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Acrylic Companionway Doors

Acrylic Companionway Doors image

Update the look of your boat, let more light into the cabin and do away with cumbersome hatch boards.

All this can be done by adding these beautiful companionway doors.

Made of 1/2 inch acrylic, the doors can be installed on boats which have stainless, teak or starboard fascias (Stainless and Teak are shown above).

For boats with Stainless Fascias such as many of the Catalina mkII's, the door kit for will include the 2 acrylic panels, 4 Black Starboard hinge blocks, Stainless weather strip (center strip), Stainless hasp, drill bit for stainless, drill bit for acrylic, tap and screws. You will mount the hinges onto your existing stainless fascias.

If your boat has Teak Fascias such as many of the older Catalina's or Hunter's, the door kit for you will include the 2 acrylic panels, 4 Teak hinge blocks, Teak weather strip, Stainless hasp, drill bit for teak and acrylic, tap and screws. You will mount the hinges onto your existing Teak fascias.

If your boat does not have fascias holding the hatch boards in place, but has an aluminum channel for the hatch boards, or some other fascia configuration, you will need to purchase a Fascia Install Kit. Each kit will be custom designed to work with your specific companionway. The kit will include black starboard fascias strips with an option for stainless trim.

If you wish to change out your existing Teak fascias to Stainless or Starboard, we can accommodate that as well. Again, please send an image of your companionway through our Customer Service system and we'll work with you on the design and costs of the replacements.

In all cases, the doors are mounted with half-hinges allowing them to be easily removed and stored as needed. And, the hinges and screws are hidden for added security.

There are a few locking options which you can purchase, or you can use the hasp and lock from your existing hatchboards.

The Door Button is used when you want to be able to secure the doors from the inside (this is not for locking the outside of the boat). Select the locking Locking Hasp for locking the door on the outside with a key. Or, use the Padlock Hasp which comes standard with the doors. Finally, there is a Cam Lock (not pictured) which is a keyed lock that you install into the doors (it is necessary that this be an owner installation since we cannot be sure of the exact placement of the lock)

Measuring for your doors:
Each set of doors will be custom made to measurements you provide. After ordering, we'll send you a link to provide us with the make, model and year of your boat, plus a place to upload images of your companionway. We'll analyze the images and send you clear, illustrated measuring instructions based on the configuration of your companionway. If your companionway way has an arched top or any complicated radiuses - a template will be required. Again, we'll send you simple instructions on how to make the template.

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Set of doors with stainless steel weather strip SKU 801707
Set of doors with teak weather strip SKU 801708
Set of doors with Starboard weather strip SKU 801709
Fascia Kit - 3/4 Black Starboard (custom cut for your companionway) SKU 801710