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Fuel Fill Hose Flapper Valve Inset

Fuel Fill Hose Flapper Valve Inset image

In-Hose Inlet Check Valve - EPA Compliant

Inlet Check Valves (ICVs) are used to help prevent wellback (the reverse flow of fuel out the fill after refueling is completed) and spitback.
These normally closed valves are opened by the presence of fuel running down the fill pipe during refueling. BR>
These valves are designed for use with palstic or metal tanks.
The In-Pipe IVC fits inside the fuel hose itself.

Mounts inside 1-1/2" fill hoses near the connection to the fuel tank
Eliminates need to re-tool existing doghouse on plastic tanks
Replaces in-line ICVs eliminating 4 hose clamps and 2 leak points
Allows for full 18 gpm flow rates
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