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Bed-It Tape

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Bed-It Tape is back!

The plant that manufactures Bed-It Tape is struggling with a labor shortage. We do not yet have a firm delivery date. Watch this page and our Monday Mail Newsletter for updates on availability.

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Developed by Compass Marine (owned by Rodd Collins, aka Maine Sail), we're thrilled to bring back this very popular product!

Bed-It is specifically formulated for the installation of deck fittings to boat decks. All installation and formulation requirements have been brought together in a single, top-quality marine-specific bedding tape.

It's designed to:

*Work across wide temperature ranges with minimal "creep" or cold flow even in hot climates

*Have exceptional tolerance to withstand slight movement between deck and fitting

*Stand up to typical boat washing chemicals

*Stick to the parts, not your fingers

*Have the proper density for use in a "compression" application.

*Have the right density to displace from under the fitting in a reasonable time frame

Bed-It Tape is made only from the finest materials and has been designed to exceed the quality of pre-EPA tapes that have lasted for 30+ years.

Bed-It Tape is NOT an RV, Masonry, HVAC, or glazing product. It was specifically formulated for use in bedding deck hardware.

Bed-It Tape is made in the USA with US labor and US jobs.

Rod's article on bedding hardware with Bed-It Tape
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