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Smartgauge Battery Monitor

Smartgauge Battery Monitor image
Smartgauge Battery Monitor image

Advanced Battery Monitoring System

Smartgauge technology is a huge departure from traditional battery monitors. Balmar has done away with the need for an external shunt. The Smartgauge programs easily, and can be easily read and understood - even by your most inexperienced crew member.
Installed with just three wires in the average two-bank battery system, the Balmar Smartgauge monitors battery voltage and state of charge directly, rather than through the system wiring, so its data is more accurate and more easily updated. A specially-developed proprietary algorithm and computer modeling protocol are designed into the system to allow the Smartgauge to "learn" the details of your battery banks, so the information it delivers continues to be highly accurate even as your batteries age. All you do is tell the Smartgage what type of battery you're using. Its software does the rest.
Balmars Smartgauge Battery Management System provides at-a-glance information, so you can enjoy accurate and reliable updates on the condition of your batteries. Based on years of experienced engineering and rigorous, independent testing, the Balmar Smart Gauge delivers dependable data even as your batteries experience extended use and cycling.
Easy to install, and just as easy to program, the Smartgauge takes much of the mystery out of battery monitoring; just select the program that matches your battery type, and the Smartgauge automatically configures monitoring to your electrical system.
Because of its proprietary computer modeling and battery testing techniques, the Balmar Smartgauge remains accurate without need for re-synchronization. The bright LED display and simple controls provide a user interface thats intuitive and understandable, even for the most inexperienced crew member.
Smartgauge is equipped with low and high voltage and low charge state alarm outputs which can be used to activate audible or visual alerts (buzzers or lamps). The Smartgauge can be used in 12-volt or 24-volt charging systems.
Advanced Battery Monitoring System
Proven Accurate in Independent Testing to within 5% Over Six Month's Use!
Displays Battery Voltage and State Of Charge for Your House And Auxiliary Bank
Extremely Easy To Install And Use. Installs In Less Than 30 Minutes
Alarms For High And Low Battery Voltage and Low Charge State
Bright, Easy-To-Read Led Display
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