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Beckson Vent-O-Mate Ventilator Systems

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Passive Ventilation - Non-Stop, 24 Hours, Day after Day

Powered by just a slight breeze, the Vent-O-Mate ventilator automatically exhausts stale, hot and moisture-laden air from inside a closed boat to help eliminate mildew and keep odors from accumulating. There is no need to wonder why your solar powered vent is not working. Wind moving over the open grill on top creates a partial vacuum that literally sucks air out of the boat.
Nominal 4" vent size
Removes 350 ft of air per hour with a breeze of only 6 mph
Can theoretically cycle the air in a 30 ft sailboat in about 2 hours, under ideal conditions
Leaves warehouse in 1 day
Made to order: No
Est. Delivery: see chart
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Vent-O-Mate Ventilators, Stainless Steel SKU 02217
Mfg p/n C-6SS
3 in stock $96.45
Vent-O-Mate Ventilators, Replacement Cover - Stainless Steel SKU 02216
Mfg p/n C-6RS
Out of Stock $55.47
Vent-O-Mate Ventilators, White Plastic SKU 02211
Mfg p/n C-6
2 in stock $50.22
Vent-O-Mate Ventilators, Replacement Cover - White SKU 02215
Mfg p/n C-6R
Out of Stock $18.25