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LyfSafe Jackline Kits

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Universal, Ready-to-Use, Reflective

Whether sailing solo or fully crewed, operating on the foredeck in most conditions requires extra attention and safety precautions. Lyf'Safe by Wichard is a complete jackline kit allowing safer foredeck and mast work - especially at night and in marginal conditions. Note that while it's common to think of installing jacklines at deck level, a safer and more functional installation would have the jacklines suspended near waist or chest height, using elevated structures on the vessel for intermediate suspension point(s).

Can be tailored to the length of the boat (using the adjuster)
Attaches to adequately strong cleats, padeyes, pulpit/pushpits, etc.
Anti-abrasion edges on webbing prevent early wear and fraying
Flat, solid webbing will not roll underfoot
Easy to install, does not require additional fastening components such as shackles
Reflective stripe and photoluminescent casings make jacklines easily identified when sailing at night
Includes (2) jacklines, (2) forged tension adjusters with glow-in-the-dark covers, (1) installation manual
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